Los Angeles: Learn A New Skill For FREE Using Lynda.com

How to get Lynda.com for Free

Lynda.com is an online learning platform with tutorials on business, software, technology and creative skills. Lynda is an amazing tool if you are looking to update your skills or if you are planning to have a career change.

To get Lynda.com for FREE you will need an L.A. County Library card. The cards are also free at the library. Do not forget to request a password for your card. Here's how to get your card: https://lacountylibrary.org/library-cards/

Do you have your card already?. Now, follow these steps:

Go to the LA County Library website and look for the tab "Digital Library," then, click on Lynda.com.

You will be taken to a portal where you will be asked to input your library card's number for your four-digit password.

Are you in?. Enjoy your free tutorials!!!.

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