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Ingrid Dietrich-Wix Expert in Los Angeles

about me

My name is Ingrid Dietrich. I am a Visual Designer and Wix Expert Based in Los Angeles, California. Some of my skills are: graphic design, website design, user experience design, and photography.

I am certified Wix webmaster, trainer, and Wix Arena expert with nine years of experience working with the Wix platform.

I am passionate about design, art, interior design, architecture, and dog rescue.

I am a wife, mom, gender equalist, and runner. 

Who am I?
Ingrid Dietrich- Wix Expert in Los Angeles


I have been photographing the world since 2009 and designing since 2010.


My work has been published in magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs, including in National Geographic Magazine 2010, 2011, 2013. I also made the finals for publication by being selected as one of National Geographic Editor's favorites, during the"Create it" challenge, 2015.


In 2013, I had the pleasure to be the Featured Artist during the San Pedro International Film Festival's art exhibition, and their art curator in 2014.


In 2014, I was honored with Certificate of Congressional Recognition by the Congress of the United States, House of Representatives for my curatorial work as the Director and Curator of the arts department at the San Pedro Convention and Visitors Bureau.


In 2016, I was happy to be part of the winning team during the Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship Hackathon for South L.A. 2016, sponsored by TEDx and General Assembly, Los Angeles. 


In 2018, I co-founded Ape and Droid Studios, a family operated design studio in Silicon Beach.



I have a background in Business Administration and Architecture.

I graduated from OTIS College of Arts and Design with a major in photography in 2012.

Within the past years, I have also acquired several specializations in the design field such as: a Certificate in Visual Design from General Assembly, a Graphic Design Specialization from CALARTS, Certificate in User Innovation from MIT, as well as other studies such as User Experience Design and Research, Website Design, and Human Centered Design.

Wix Expert
Ingrid Dietrich The Wix Expert.jpg


Wix Webmaster. Yes! I am a certified Wix Webmaster so you can be sure that I can design a beautiful website that will fit your business needs.

My WIX webmaster certification covers:

  • Website design

  • Web design project management 

  • Content planning

  • SEO 

  • App market functionality.

Wix Certified Trainer. As a certified trainer I am capable to teach web design workshops or simply teach you how to manage your site.This certification allows me to teach:

  • Wix tools and features

  • Website content and design

  • SEO and online promotion

WIX Marketplace Partner. I am a Wix marketplace designer based in Los Angeles (Wix expert).

The Wix Marketplace is an online platform for talented web designers, known as Wix Partners. No matter what kind of website you need - landing page, online store, portfolio and more - a Wix Partner can make your vision come to life.

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