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terms and conditions


As a freelance, I usually work at an average-hourly rate of $50.00 per hour but I can accommodate to a flat rate based on project content and length. Normally, I allow up to one revision per project. Hourly rate applies to extra changes.

My ongoing hourly rate will be billed for extra changes post project approval and delivery. I usually mark my project as completed when I send my last invoice.


I usually allow one to two revisions per project. The first revision typically takes place half way in the project and the second one once the project is almost completed.


A Paypal invoice for the first 60% of the payment is sent upon approval of the first revision and the remaining 40% is billed upon completion.

In some cases, I will request a 30% deposit. 

In this case, I will bill 30% to start, 40% midway, and 30% upon completion.


Wix does not optimize for tablets. Websites on tablets will appear as in desktops and laptops, but sometimes elements will be out of alignment. This is due to the downsizing of the design.

Changes done by the client after delivery of the project (even text) may change the design and the alignment of all the elements of the page the changes were done. This will affect the mobile site directly. 

Client is responsible for renewing their wix premiums, plans, domain names, etc. It is not my obligation to send reminders, unless I have been hired to do so.

I am not responsible for the performance of the website in the search engines.

WIX CHANGES AND POSSIBLE ISSUES makes changes and updates to their software, design platform, editor, apps, and features periodically. Sometimes, wix discontinues apps and other features and they will no longer work. I am not responsible if Wix makes these type of changes. 

Once the project was approved and delivered to my client, I am not responsible for any malfunction, glitch, or any sort of irregularity, functionality, or appearance due to Wix's changes. This applies desktop or mobile versions.


As a Wix Marketplace Partner, I am in the obligation to submit every project that I worked on from clients who reached out to me using the Wix's Marketplace platform. This means, your websites will be displayed on my Wix Markeplace profile, as well as in my website. A small thumbnail of your site will be shown in my "website Design" page in my website for portfolio purposes. I am required by Wix to keep my website updated with my latest projects as well.

To learn more, please read the following Wix Marketplace Lead Matching Guidelines.

If you do not want your project to appear in my Wix Marketplace portfolio and/or my website, please let me know in advance. The project will be submitted to the marketplace, but will be hidden from the public.


A set of iterations (boards) will be presented to the client for the client to choose from. Those boards/designs belong to me, wit the exception of the logo the client chose. The client can not use, copy, replicate, or imitate any of the ideas presented. The client's logo may be used in my graphic design portfolio, unless the client does not grant permission. Please let me know in advance if you do not want your logo to be displayed in my portfolio.

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