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Food Distribution Solution for South L.A.

App Design Winner during the 2016 TEDx SOLA Hackathon

in partnership with General Assembly

Ingrid Dietrich, TEDx winner app prototype
Ingrid Dietrich, TEDx winner app prototype, General Assembly
Ingrid Dietrich, TEDx winner app prototype
Ingrid Dietrich, TEDx winner app prototype
The App

Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship Hackathon


In this hackathon, participants used design thinking, UX design methods, and web development skills in an entrepreneurial spirit to address social, economic, and environmental challenges specific to South Los Angeles.

About SOLA Hack


South Los Angeles has a dire food desert problem. The community is home to 800,000 people and spans 60 square miles.

Transportation to healthy food options is scarce. Families without cars are at a disadvantage.

Many families are on food stamp programs, however most retailers that accept food stamps do not offer a large variety of fresh produce.

1 in 2 adults in Los Angeles County are either overweight or obese.

Liquor stores and fast food places can be found on any block, however grocery stores are few and far between.

Quality of food is poor and the prices are high, resulting in unhealthy eating habits among the communities living there.

Stamp recipients make bad dietary choices due to restrained options.

South Los Angeles has the highest rate of childhood and adult obesity in

Los Angeles County.



Ingrid Dietrich, TEDx winner app prototype user persona
User Persona


Our project mission is to address the limited access to healthy food options, specifically fresh products to economically challenged communities in South Los

Angeles. Our proposed solution is Grocery Food Trucks, which deliver food to neighborhoods in South LA on a daily basis.  We will create a thriving social enterprise by partnering with local grocery chains, farms, restaurants, and community gardens in order to get fresh produce, in the form of donations or discounted prices. The healthy food will be sold to lower income families at below market value and can be purchased with money or food stamps.

Our food trucks are a more innovative and successful approach to reforming SNPA (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program). We believe in making healthy food both accessible and affordable.






Lucy Bi, Visual Designer

Julio Almanza, Coder

Suresh Jayatar, UX Designer

Ingrid Dietrich, Visual Designer


Julian Scaff, UXDI at General Assembly

Zaneta Smith, TEDxCrenshaw

Leslie Wall, Director of Public Infrastructure Development and Community Programming for the City of L.A.

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