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HEX Color Resources Every Designer Should Have

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

We all love design, but how can we make sure that we are using the right colors? I will share some useful resources that you can find on the web for free. I use them all!!!.

1. Adobe Color CC (Adobe Kuler: Color Wheel-Color Scheme)

Kuler is a super awesome free-color-resource by Adobe. You can pick a color by directly clicking on the wheel, or by writing your own HEX color, from there, you can play around with analogous, complimentary, monochromatic, triad, shades, and compound colors.

You take the HEX colors you like by simply copying and pasting.

To check it out, go here:

2. Flat UI Color Picker

I really love this tool. They have an extensive color palette. They also have organized by color for easy navigation. Fat UI Color Picker gives you the HEX color as well as the RGB codes for web design. It is very useful.

To check it out, use this link:

Flat UI Color Picker

3. Flat UI Colors

Flat UI Colors is very similar to Flat UI Color Picker. This site allows you to pick colors for different color formats, such as: HEX#, hex, RGB, and RGBA. Their interface is super simple. You must simply click on a color and it automatically copies the HEX color for you. You just need to paste it.

To use this feature, go here:

4.Color Calculator by Sessions College

This is a free color palette calculator that allows you to create a color scheme just by selecting a base color and choosing a color harmony. You can create palettes in complimentary, monochromatic, analogous, split complimentary, triadic, and tetradic colors.

To check out this calculator, go here:

5. ColorPick Eyedropper Google Chrome Extension

One of my favorite Google Chrome plugins. This plugin allows you to select any spot from any website, photo, and even video (it might freeze your video to color sample) and collects a HEX color code for you to copy and paste.

To download this feature, click here: ColorPick Eyedropper

6. HTML ColorPicker-W3 Schools

To start, W3Schools is AWESOME because of all its free tutorials, within their site, they have a "color picker" section, and so much more. You must check it out!!!.

To check out W3School's Color Picker, use this link:

Well, I hope this resources are helpful to you. Keep checking for new posts. I will continue to post more web resources.

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Have an amazing weekend!!!


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