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How to submit your photos to National Geographic

You can submit your photos to National Geographic Your Shot community on Instagram @natgeoyourshot or

If you want to post your photo in a higher resolution, this article might help you:

To submit submit your photography you will have to use the hashtag #YourShotPhotographer .

Nat Geo Your Shot is still posting challenges for you to participate using hashtags. The winners get published in the Nat Geo's INSTAGRAM PROFILE. For example, the current challenge (as in April 10th, 2020) is #viewfromquarantine , since we are going through a global quarantine due to the virus Covid-19.

They do not offer any prizes anymore, but you get the chance to be featured in their Instagram profile, so if you are looking for exposure, you might want to give this a try.

I hope this post is helpful. Feel free to request content!.

Ingrid Dietrich

Designer, photographer & Wix designer in Los Angeles


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