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Nat Geo Your Shot Has Moved To Instagram

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

This is an update on my previous post from May 2, 2017 titled:

"How to Get Noticed by National Geographic Magazine" link here

So I can not tell you enough how sad I am. As some of you might know, I was published three times by National Geographic Magazine on their online platform "Your Shot." Another one of my submissions was also selected as one of the editors favorites during the "Create It" challenge, 2015, and it made it to the finals for publication.

Below, my three publications in Nat Geo Your Shot.

Your shot was a great platform for aspiring and professional photographers all around the world. We were able to submit our images directly to National Geographic with the hope of getting noticed by the magazine. We also got feedback from the editors and participated in challenges. We had our own portfolio page where our submissions were displayed, along with our awards (published images).

Below, a screenshot of my former profile.

Nat Geo Your Shot Former Platform
Nat Geo Your Shot Platform, Former Look

The best images would also make it to "The Daily Dozen" section. This was a hand-picked section by the editors of Nat Geo Your Shot.

Below, one of my photos published in The Daily Dozen Old Platform, June, 2011.

The Daily Dozen Old Platform
One of my photos published in The Daily Dozen Old Platform, June, 2011

You were also able to "Go on Assignment" with the Nat Geo Your Shot Challenges.

Below, one of my submissions to the "Create It" challenge moderated by Jeanne Modderman, former National Geographic photo producer.

Unfortunately, National Geographic decided to remove the "Your Shot" platform completely starting October, 2019-- removing all of our photos, awards, and history. I had been a member of the Nat Geo Your Shot community since 2009 and I am sad to have lost ten years of my history as a photographer.

Moving forward, National Geographic Your Shot community has moved to Instagram @natgeoyourshot and now you can submit your photography using the hashtag #YourShotPhotographer .

By the way, Nat Geo Your Shot is still posting challenges for you to participate using hashtags. The winners get published in the Nat Geo Your Shot Instagram profile.

I hope this information is helpful. Feel free to share your story and see you on Instagram!!!

Ingrid Dietrich



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